Hot Water Heaters

One of the most disruptive, expensive and frustrating emergencies in any household is a water heater failure. Not only does it deprive you of the comfort and convenience of hot water, it usually includes a flood in the garage, laundry, utility room and more. Sometimes there is considerable damage to tile, carpet, dry wall and personal property. These events seem to NEVER happen at a convenient time.

At North Valley Water Solutions we keep an inventory of the most popular gas and electric water heaters. Our Master Service Technicians are on call 24 hours a day to respond. We’ll install a new water heater and haul the leaky one away. We will usually have you back in hot water and help clean up the mess in just an hour or two. And there is no extra charge for after hours, week ends or holidays.

Our standard water heater replacement includes removal and disposal of the old leaker, delivery and installation of the new heater with new pressure relief valve, leak tray under the new heater, new dialectric connectors and a comprehensive safety check.

Let North Valley Water Solutionskeep you in HOT WATER.