Reverse Osmosis


Standard water purifier installations include a main shut off valve, health department compliant drain connection, separate purified water spigot and purified water connected to the refrigerator for ice and drinking water.

Pre-plumbed: Pre-plumbed reverse osmosis connections usually include:

  • A spare hole in the sink or counter top for installation of the purified water spigot
  • A poly tubing “ice line” from the reverse osmosis to the area behind the refrigerator to provide purified water for ice and cold water
  • Disconnect city water and attach purified water to refrigerator 

Non-pre-plumbed: Our Master Service Technicians regularly install reverse osmosis systems where there is no pre-plumbing. When necessary they are prepared to:

  • Drill a hole in sink or counter top (including marble and reunite) to install purified water spigot
  • Install poly ice line from reverse osmosis to refrigerator and ice maker
  • Disconnect city water and attach purified water to refrigerator
  • In rare occasions it is not possible to install an ice line. In those cases there are other options for treating the refrigerator water

Reverse Osmosis Filter Service

Most major manufacturers recommend installing new reverse osmosis filters at least once per year. GE, Sears and several others recommend every six months. Just let us know the frequency you prefer and North Valley will:

  • Send you a post card reminder to set an appointment for a filter change at the appropriate interval
  • Inspect the entire system for leaks
  • Inspect faucet operation (clean, lubricate & adjust if necessary)
  • Check total dissolved minerals in untreated water
  • Check total dissolved minerals in treated water
  • Remove existing filters
  • Clean and sanitize housings & manifold assembly
  • Clean and lubricate o-rings
  • Install new high quality filters
  • Check air pressure in holding tank (add air if necessary)
  • Sanitize holding tank
  • Inspect & clean drain line, flow control and saddle valve
  • Turn off ice maker if connected to purified water and provide customer with additional information
  • Provide customer with and/or fill out and date Filter Maintenance Schedule near reverse osmosis

Note: After filter replacement, please do not use the reverse osmosis for several hours to allow it to refill the holding tank. Then lift the faucet handle and allow the unit to rinse until the water begins to run very slowly from the faucet. Don’t be alarmed if the first water out is black or grey. (This is due to fine carbon dust.) Your reverse osmosis water may appear cloudy (milky) for a week or so after the filter service. This is caused by air in the system and should go away with use. 

When your system isn’t used for a week or more, lift the faucet handle and empty the holding tank. This will cause the unit to rinse and refill with fresh water. Please call Rayne of the North Valley if you have any questions or concerns.