Water Softeners


Standard water softener installations include a main shut off valve and a soft water hose valve near the softener. The hose valve provides soft water for car washing, windows and any other outdoor event that may require soft water.

Pre-plumbed (Loop): A pre-plumbed water softener loop usually includes:

  • A “loop” of water tubing to attach the water softener/conditioner to provide water in and water out
  • A waste fitting to attach the drain to dispose of regeneration rinse water
  • An electrical plug to provide power to the system

No loop – no problem: Our Master Service Technicians routinely install water softener/conditioners in homes that do not have loops. These installations commonly cost no more than installations on a loop unless additional plumbing is necessary. Call for a FREE no obligation estimate. The requirements are the same as systems on loops:

  • Water tubing to attach to the softener / conditioner – hard water in and soft water out
  • A waste line to a drain to dispose of regeneration and rinse water
  • An electrical connection to provide power to the system
  • No loop systems are generally installed in the garage, however, depending on the plumbing and available space, many of them are installed out doors

Salt Delivery

A NVWS technician will visit your home when you call to schedule a delivery. During his visit the technician will add the proper amount of salt and perform a 10 point inspection of the water conditioner. You pay for the salt… the service is FREE:

  • Inspect the entire system for leaks
  • Check for salt bridge (eliminate when necessary)
  • Top off the salt storage tank with water softener salt or potassium
  • Check the raw water and softened water for hardness
  • Visual inspection for proper water level in salt storage tank and correct time on controller
  • Check electronic program
  • Adjust meter and program settings if necessary
  • Check and clean nozzles, venturi and flow restrictors
  • Check and lubricate by pass valve
  • Operational check

With scheduling a salt delivery, you can be assured that your Water Softener is performing at it’s best or we will be sure to let you know what may need to be repaired on it!